Who We Are


At Children’s Garden Center, we are dedicated to provide an intellectually stimulating environment.  Our program is influenced by the constructivist theories of Jean Piaget and John Dewey.  The program seeks to enhance the development of children by valuing their unique ways of learning.


We believe that children are to be loved, nurtured and supported in their emotional, social, physical and intellectual development.  We strive to create an environment where choices are valued, exploration is encouraged and self-discovery is appreciated. 


The teacher provides opportunities for learning using interesting and thought provoking materials.  The child has many opportunities to develop an understanding of the world from their interaction with role-playing, movement, art projects, sensory exploration and manipulatives, critical thinking and problem solving skills.  The teachers strive to create an atmosphere where the children learn through concrete and meaningful experiences that are relevant to their personal background and interests.


Our program is committed to building a bridge between the children’s learning experiences at the center among peers and at home with family members.  Parental involvement is strongly encouraged.  We are committed to our center’s families, to ensure an opportunity for success where children will grow and learn.